The NoSleep Podcast collects the best horror and suspense stories from all around the internet and produces audio drama out of them with professional contributors from all over the world.

Since July 2015, I work as a resident artist in a team of illustrators resonsible for providing individual cover art for each episode, catered for the lovers of chilling tales and frightening stories.

It has been a genuine pleasure to collaborate with Jörn on various projects. He brings a tremendous amount of skill and artistry to his craft, and combines that with his openness to ideas which he delivers promptly. His work has never failed to impress me.

David Cummings, producer of the NoSleep Podcast

Cover Illustrations

Happy Thoughts

Published November 20th 2022

The Staircase Game

Published August 28th 2022

I Can't Hear You

Published May 15th 2022

Blackbird Lullaby

Published February 13th 2022

Liturgy of Hungers

Published September 19th 2021

Dictionary for the Apocalypse

Published June 27th 2021

Paper Plate House

Published December 27th 2020

This illustration was originally planned for Season 15 Episode 17, the Christmas episode. In the end, the project went with another illustration.

NoSleep Podcast: House Next Door To Me

Published October 10th 2020
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Calhoun's Folley

Published March 14th 2020
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Dinosaur Bones

Published October 17th 2019

The Graduation

Published September 08th 2019
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Skeleton Key to the City

Published August 11th 2019

Artwork for S13E08 of the NoSleep podcast.


Published June 03rd 2019
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Pass it on

Published February 17th 2019

Illustration for Season 12 Episode 10 of the NoSleep Podcast.

This illustration features an imaginary friend that gives the child protagonist supernatural drawing abilities, as well as the chance to see into grim futures.

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The Public Domain

Published November 17th 2018
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Poor Bethany

Published October 18th 2018
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Deer God

Published April 21st 2018
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What Happens When the Stars Go Out

Published February 14th 2018