Escape the Black Farm

The title of NoSleep's 2018 Live Tour is "Escape the Black Farm". The titular story takes place in the Black Farm (duh), invented and concocted by the amazing Elias Witherow.

The first story in this fictional universe, Feed the Pig, became infamous for NoSleep because it is...well...quite gross, gruesome, and mind-numbingly awesome! (seriously, go listen!)

The titular Pig — with a capital P — also stars in the current tour script, so, naturally, I had to do it justice by drawing my interpretation!

Because I knew that the design would feature on merchandise like posters, banners and t-shirts, I had to work with flat colors. Which means I couldn't blend my brush strokes or create gradients, but had to create the illusion of gradients by painting distinct brush strokes over each other.


The design received great praise by cast and fans alike, and I am beyond proud to add an artwork to the NoSleep canon that will live on in many great merchandise articles.


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