About the artist

My name is Jörn Meyer, and I am a digital artist and illustrator living in Bonn, Germany, with my wife and my son.

I don't like to draw in a vacuum; so painting has become my method of storytelling. I look for beauty in oddness, and usually incorporate fantasy or horror into my art. The art of Magic: the Gathering, and fantasy works like "Angelarium" by Peter Mohrbacher have been great inspirations to me.

When I am not currently painting, I am caring too much about how my coffee is made, working out, or playing with my boy.

My Work

My client work has included cover art and merchandise for the NoSleep Podcast, art for the card games Catamancer, Final Boss, and Dark Mages, as well as book covers and D&D Character illustrations.

My current personal project is called "Beneath Two Pale Suns." This dark fantasy world is filled with powerful beings called the Sundered, and I explore it in art and stories. I most love to do art when it is in the context of a rich and intriguing world that I have built myself. I like to share stories in words and images, and "Beneath Two Pale Suns" allows me to tell an ongoing and ever-expanding tale.

Support Me

Please consider supporting me by buying prints of my paintings. I am an independent artist, so any financial support directly impacts my ability to make more art.


My name is pronounced like the English word "yearn," and here is a picture of me and my son. We have found some horses.

It's me!