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S.H. - The Knight's Daughter

Published March 25th 2020

Fourteen-year-old Mary McThomas is being raised a lady, but she knows she was born to be a knight. It’s an impossible dream, one that almost costs her father his life. After an ambush on their village leaves him gravely wounded, Mary is willing to do anything to save him, even if it means following a mysterious fae far from home. Accompanied by her older brothers, Mary plunges into a world of magic, danger, and an ancient grudge seeking to spill new blood.

But while Mary hunts for the cure, someone else is hunting for her. And he will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants.

With evil closing in from all sides, Mary will have to trust in her warrior heart to rescue her father, her family, and her world.

— S.H. Cooper

Marcus Damanda - Standard Deviations

Published June 22nd 2017

A serial killer forever trapped in a Super Max prison, interviewed by the woman of his dreams … A fifteen year old girl in 1912, forced to choose between a man she does not love and a boy who might just kill for her … A man who discovers, after forty years, that he has a twin brother—living in his stomach …

Which flavor do you prefer? A cancer-stricken old man who can listen to the dead call up from Hell through his stethoscope … A home security system that doubles as entertainment of the worst possible kind … A priest who hears confessions from the depths of Purgatory … A teacher whose test results might very well cost his students, or himself, all they have to give …

Which flavor do you prefer? Cinnamon, peppermint, or raspberry? Because, you know, the Paris Green Solution is available in three different varieties … Leave on just one light. Settle in, alone, at the head of your dining room table, and get ready for a long, nightmarish repast of horror. In Standard Deviations, author Marcus Damanda serves up sixteen delicacies of transcendent terror certain to satisfy the hungriest corner of your own hidden, dark heart.

— Marcus Damanda