The Hidden Webpage

This is my artwork for "The Hidden Webpage", the Season Finale of Season 9 of the NoSleep Podcast.

As someone who grew up when the internet wasn't a thing and who still attaches fond memories to the sound of a modem handshake, The Hidden Webpage was right up my alley from the get-go.

The antagonist of the story is never clearly described, apart from the fact that his face is described as "hazy", which gave me the necessary artistic leeway to make up my representation of the "villain" and having some fun with the glitch effect obscuring his face.

I added the neon stripes of the suit and the splashes in the background to give the image a more retro feeling, and since the story features the early instant messenger ICQ quite prominently, I thought it would be fun to use the program's iconic flower symbol as a pin on the bad guy's suit.

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