Finished Product: Final Boss — The Card Game


Today, we're playing Final Boss!
Wednesday, I received a mystery package from Luxemburg out of the blue. After shaking it carefully (you know, in case someone sent me 1,500 live ladybugs or something), I had to admit I had no idea what could be in there.
The package contained the most beautiful card game package I ever saw, chock full of fun cards with amazing artwork on them.

I'm sure some of you read of Final Boss for the first time, because it's been quite a while that those guys did their Kickstarter campaign. A couple of months before they launched the campaign, I got in contact with Rafael, one of the two creators of the game.

I created 5 illustrations for the game and actually met Rafael and Luis, the co-creator and head artist, during SPIEL, a board- and card game convention in Essen, Germany.

We played a round of their game prototype, which still had a lot of placeholder artwork and lacked the final polish of the game rules and just had a ton of fun together.

So you can understand why receiving the finished game with my art on it means a lot to me.

There are few greater feelings to me than seeing my art made real in the world.

I love my job.