Illustration: When the Stars Go Out

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star…

Hello lovelies!

While I still have a very secret NoSleep project that I'm not allowed to talk about (I know, NDAs suck, but I'll be ready to share it with you soon!), I also have a special illustration to share with you today.

You will recognize the movie poster format of this illustration from my illustration The Hidden Webpage, but while the latter was a Season Finale, the former is for the NoSleep Valentine's Special.


All lovey-dovey for a change

As you can see on first glance, this is a change from my usual style of horror art. The Valentine's episode goes a slightly different route and tells the story of a tragic couple in love and the hardships they have to face.

I'm not giving too much away when I say the story has some very interesting turns and is a blast to read (seriously, you should check out the episode right now!).

Obviously, I had to change gears with this one a bit. It's not a horror story, it's a straight up drama story, so my illustrative style had to change to reflect that.

First, I took a look at movie posters for drama flicks, to get a sense of a general style.

(You can easily see I don't watch a lot of drama movies)

One design choice that stood out was that love stories tend to have the actors playing the couple at the top, sometimes looking wistfully at each other.

I decided to portray Brian and Robin, the main couple, at a happy moment in their life, and made special effort to make Brian as wistful as I could.

Brian's grasping hand at the bottom, as well as the heartrate element hint at specific points in the story I won't spoil for you here.

Test driving a new style

While I am aware that switching up your style while working on a polished drawing is not the best choice, I did it anyway. :D

The style I used for the illustration leans towards comics much more than usual. If you look closely, for example, you can see it has solid color lines, something I usually don't do in my drawings.

Also, I made it a point to not blend my brushstrokes too much to give it a more illustrative and less realistic look.

This poster illustration was a lot of work, but I am very happy with the result and am grateful I can share it with you guys here.

As always, until we meet again, take care, my lovelies.