Illustration: Burn

Watch out, coming in hot!

Hi folks! I'm very lucky to be on duty for the NoSleep podcast this week again!

This week's episode, Season 9, Episode 10 brings you a bunch of creepy tales for your listening pleasure, amongst it “Burning” by author C.M. Scandreth, which I chose as the subject for the cover art.

Drawing the flames

This week, I knew pretty early on what I wanted to draw. The claustrophobic idea of being trapped in a burning car, one hand futilely grasping at the window, sent shivers down my spine, so I set to drawing.

Drawing the car turned out to pretty straight forward, and I settled on the blue hue to have a nice contrast to the orange and yellow flames.

Since I had some trouble actually drawing the flames, I sent out in search of some online tutorials. If you ever worked in Photoshop, you know the type: often working with PS tools like layer styles they end up looking kinda like what you're trying to accomplish, but not really.

I tried one or two of them out before discarding the idea, sighed, and rolled up my sleeves. I found a photo of a burning car that I used as a reference and set to work.

Not a carbon copy

I wanted the flames to have a more illustrative look than the photo ref, so I spent quite a lot of time and a couple o' hundred more brushstrokes than I intended on drawing the flames until I got them exactly where I wanted them.

Hope you enjoy the artwork and the podcast episode, and drive save out there.

Take care, my lovelies!

— Jörn