Illustration: Wolf — Custom MtG Token

Oh boy, howdy!

This weekend contained a pretty nifty bank holiday in Germany, so I was able to kick back, go outside and relax a bit in the warm summer sun.

Kidding. I spent it painting instead!

“That's a pretty neat wolf,” I hear you saying. “What are you gonna use it for?”

Glad you asked! I assume you guys are familiar with the vastly successful trading card game Magic: The Gathering. If you're not a massive nerd like me and spent the better part of your youth playing it, I'm pretty sure you at least heard of it here and there.


Some Magic cards have a special effect that creates so-called "Tokens", game elements that are not directly represented by a particular card.

In order to keep track of those tokens, many players carry extra cards with nifty illustrations on them to act as a placeholder. Those may look like this!

Nifty, huh?

I'm currently thinking selling those token illustrations at a fair price...but, sadly, not yet. Shipping the cards all over the world would be an absolute hassle from Germany, so I'm not sure how I will tackle that, yet.

But fear not! I already have some ideas, and you guys will be the first to always.

Take care, my lovelies!

- Jörn