Illustration: The Hidden Webpage

You coming?

Hello my lovelies,

it's been a few days since I was able to update this blog with some new, delicious art, but that just means I'm all the more excited to share this one with you.

Two weeks ago, I nearly peed my pants out of giddy excitement when David Cummings, showrunner of the NoSleep podcast, asked me if I was up for illustrating the season finale for season 9 of the show.

I was sorely tempted to send an email back simply stating "ARE YOU SHITTING ME OF COURSE I AM", because not only is this a huge deal for me, but the podcast also has some fun with the finales, making them up like movie posters.

You can find some fine examples by my fellow co-artists in the NoSleep shop.

So after some back and forth with David to see if my idea for the poster got the ambience of the episode right, I set to drawing.


A healthy dose of nostalgia

As someone who grew up when the internet wasn't a thing and who still attaches fond memories to the sound of a modem handshake, The Hidden Webpage was right up my alley from the get-go.

The antagonist of the story is never clearly described, apart from the fact that his face is described as "hazy", which gave me the necessary artistic leeway to make up my representation of the "villain" and having some fun with the glitch effect obscuring his face.

I added the neon stripes of the suit and the splashes in the background to give the image a more retro feeling, and since the story features the early instant messenger ICQ quite prominently, I thought it would be fun to use the program's iconic flower symbol as a pin on the bad guy's suit.

More fun with glitches

To give the background a more "glitchy" and chaotic effect, I copied the whole image to a new document and then used a process called datamoshing.


The process is actually really simple and just requires the standard Windows text editor Wordpad. You can learn more about how to do it yourself on

I then worked this new graphic into the background, polished it up with some scanlines like they occured on old CRT TVs and sent the image out to the cast!

Please make sure to check out The Hidden Webpage on this week's NoSleep podcast, I can assure you it'll take you on a wild ride through the 90s.

Until then, take care, my lovelies.

— Jörn